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Two words... HOLY SHIT!!!

First R. Madrid get Kaka for £56 million

Now Man Utd have accepted a £80 million
from R. Madrid for C. Ronaldo

That's $275 million AUD for two guys!

Global financial crisis? World economic downturn? Pfft!

10th Jun, 2009

This is easily my favourite video on Youtube at the moment, I came across it while looking at some other videos. Unfortunately there's no Adidas-sponsored guys in it, since it's a Nike video. Nevertheless, some of my favourite footballers are in it and I still know everyone featured in it.

I have a multiple choice exam in the afternoon today, worth 30%. I haven't started studying for it though


i so feel like shit atm, damn that moe's bbq using up so much energy to digest, which my lack of sleep makes worse

17 Again was ok

Robert Frost speculated about the world ending in fire or in ice. Which do you think is likely to end us all: meteorite, global warming, nuclear weapons, zombies, or the superflu?

I believe the biggest problem we face in the future, will be the overpopulation of our planet. With the myriad of problems facing us already (e.g. finite resources, environment destruction, global health concerns), overpopulation will do nothing but make these problems worse. Desperate people do desperate things, like turning to crime in order to put food on the table. But imagine that on a global scale, and instead of individual people, you have entire nations fighting 'wars of necessity'. Perhaps in the not too distant future, we might see some mushroom clouds on the horizon. So for me, it's nuclear weapons as the most likely way to end mankind.

24th Apr, 2009

i like those boots

grand theft auto: chinatown wars

after my high of yesterday, i came crashing back down when the rom wouldn't work. to cut my bitching short, i have managed to get the rom working properly. at least i finally get to play it now

grand theft auto: chinatown wars

gta: chinatown wars has finally been released!!! as i type/post this entry, i'm downloading it for my ndsi. right now i'm so happy that i feel like running around in circles, while flapping my arms and squealing. even though the download is moving along really slowly, it will definitely be worth the wait

edit (22:24) - fuck! the download failed at almost 70% completed. i will have to try another website

edit (22:42) - download complete

5th Mar, 2009

for reasons unknown, i have cravings for kimchi, even though i can't take spicy food very well. i think some steamed white rice would go really well with it though

2nd Mar, 2009

i went for a swim today for the first time in at least four years, for about an hour or so. i was sore as hell afterwards though

i bought snacks and beverages from foots when i left, including this new tofu bread roll from the viet roll place and a piece of strawberry gateau from breadtop

one thing i hate about foots is getting approached by randoms asking for shit. leave me the fuck alone!